Working At Erdem&Erdem

Erdem&Erdem seeks to provide a modern, collaborative and supportive work environment for its employees where they can achieve the most rational and efficient results by focusing on the legal and commercial needs of our clients. We take pride in our employees’ academic and personal qualities and draw strength from their positive approach, personal discipline and collaborative team efforts. To that end, self and team improvement are the most important aspects of the firm culture.

Erdem&Erdem places high importance on maintaining a well-structured and methodical management process. Through a participative and progressive management approach, we encourage and provide our lawyers with the necessary tools to expand of their areas of expertise. We support our employees’ career development through personalized peer counseling and seminar programs. Legal meetings, academic research and publications highlighting the developments and challenges in Turkish and international law are an integral part of the firm’s daily routine.

In an effort to expand our practice build an ever more diverse and specialized team, an Internship Training Program for Legal Interns is carried out every year.

Candidate Applications And The Interview Process

Erdem&Erdem’s rigorous and thorough recruitment process entails a series of interviews tailored to help us assess the candidate’s interests, integrity and accomplishments, while providing a window into the firm’s work ethic and culture.

All candidates for associate must be fluent in written and spoken English. Excellent written and spoken French is also desirable.
Applications are welcome throughout the year. The Human Resources Unit keeps candidates informed throughout the recruitment process.

Candidates may apply for career opportunities via, and may also send their resumes to

Internship Applications

Internship applications are accepted from February each year.
The legal Training Program for interns commences in September. Summer interns are selected from March to April.
Proof of foreign language proficiency must be provided (a certificate of TOEFL, IELTS or DELF) and will be taken into consideration while evaluating applications for legal internship.

Internship applications should be sent to