Regulation on Unfair Price Evaluation Board has been published

Regulation on Unfair Price Evaluation Board (“Regulation”) published in the Official Gazette, dated 28 May 2020 and numbered 31138, was entered into force. Within the scope of the Regulation, the formation of the Unfair Price Evaluation Board, its duties and powers, and the supervision of excessive price increase and stockpiling practices of the manufacturers, suppliers and retail businesses, the procedures and principles for the implementation of fines were regulated.

Article 10 of the Regulation regulated that the complaint application regarding the excessive price will be made to the Ministry or the provincial directorate through a petition, complaint system or using other electronic application methods.

Within the scope of the same article, it was stated that the application will be cancelled if it is determined that legal proceedings were initiated before the complaint application or the decision of the Board regarding the application.

Article 11 of the Regulation stated that the manufacturers, suppliers and retail businesses will be given defence period not less than ten days, starting from the day the inspection.

With Article 15 of the Regulation the administrative fines that will be implemented to those who act against Additional Article 1 of the Law on Regulation of Retail Trade numbered 6585 were determined.

You may access the full text of the Regulation’s Turkish version here.