The New Webpage Entitled “Antitrust Rules And Coronavirus” of the Directorate-General for Competition was established

European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition (“DG Comp) established a new webpage entitled “antitrust rules and coronavirus”, which outlines policies and antitrust measures related to Covid-19 outbreak, on 30.03.2020. 

DG Comp emphasized the exceptionality of this situation and stated that in oder to ensure to provide scarce products and services to everyone, undertakings may be in need to cooperate. Within this scope it announced a “Joint Statement on the Application of the Antitrust Rules During the Current Coronavirus Crisis” (“Statement”).

In addition the mailbox can be used by undertakings and lawyers to seek informal guidance on specific initiatives has been provided for use.

Lastly, the European Commission underlined that it will continue to closely and actively monitor relevant market developments to detect companies which take advantage of the current situation to breach European Union antitrust law. The European Commission also encouraged businesses and citizens to continue reporting any cartels and other antitrust violations, including abuses of dominant positions, that may come to their attention.

You may access the website here.

You may access the Statement here.