The Period to Apply for Short-term Working Allowance is extended Until the End of the Year

Through the Presidential Decree (Decree) numbered 3238 published in the Official Gazette dated 01.12.2020 and numbered 31321, the period to apply for short-term working allowance is extended until 31.12.2020.

In this regard, provided the conditions;

  • the workplaces, which have not applied for short-term working before 30.06.2020, and
  • the workplaces which have applied for short term-working before 30.06.2020 and would like to increase the number of employees benefited from the allowance

may apply ISKUR through E-devlet as of 01.12.2020. Under the Decree, the short-term working period may be starting from 01.12.2020 and forward. Furthermore, the payments made within the scope of short-term working practice will not be set-off from the period of unemployment allowance of the employees.

In order to benefit from the short-term working allowance,

  • Due to new coronavirus (Covid-19), the working period in the workplace is reduced by at least one-thirds or the operation is suspended completely or partially for at least four weeks, without any condition of continuation.
  • Employees are required to pay unemployment insurance premiums for at least 450 days in three years prior to the starting date of short-term working, and to work under an employment agreement for the last 60 days prior to the starting date of short-term working.
  • Employers are required not to terminate any employment agreement during the short-term working period in the workplace with the exemption of termination for just cause due to the reasons (contrary to ethics and good faith) regulated under Article 25/1,II of the Labor Code No. 4857.

The workplaces which have already benefited from the short-term working allowance continue to benefit from the allowance without the need to make a new application.

You may access the full text of the Decree here.