The Periods of The Short-term Working Allowance, the Prohibition of Termination and the Unpaid Leave Practices were extended for 2 months

Through the Presidential Decrees numbered 3134 and 3135 published in the Official Gazette dated 27.10.2020 and numbered 31287, the periods of the short-term working allowance, the prohibition of termination and the unpaid leave practices were extended for two months.

Under the Presidential Decree numbered 3134, for the workplaces, which have applied for short-term working until 30.06.2020 (included) due to force majeure Covid-19, within the framework of the principles stated in Provisional Article 23 of the Unemployment Insurance Law No. 4447, the short-term working allowance period is extended for two months starting from;

  • 01.11.2020, for the workplaces whose short-term working has ended,
  • the end date of short-term working, for the workplaces which continue short-term working,

without the need for a new application and a compliance review, for the same employees who have been benefiting from the short-term working allowance and based on the same terms.

Under the Presidential Decree numbered 3135, the periods of the unpaid leave practice and the prohibition of termination of all kinds of employment contracts, -except for termination due to the reasons contrary to ethics and good faith regulated under Article 25/1,(II) and the reasons specified in the article- within the scope of Provisional Article 10 of the Labor Law No. 4857 are extended for two months starting from 17.11.2020.

The Presidential Decree numbered 3134

The Presidential Decree numbered 3135