Short-term Working Allowance Period is re-extended

Through the Presidential Decree numbered 2915 published in the Official Gazette dated 31.08.2020 and numbered 31230, the period of short-term working allowance is re-extended for two months.

Accordingly, for the workplaces, which have applied for short-term working until 30.06.2020 (included) due to force majeure Covid-19, within the framework of the principles stated in Provisional Article 23 of the Unemployment Insurance Law No. 4447, short-term working allowance period is extended for two months starting from;

  • 01.09.2020, for the workplaces whose short-term working has ended,
  • the end date of short-term working, for the workplace which continue short-term working,

without the need for a new application and a compliance review, for the same employees who have been benefiting from the short-term working allowance and based on the same terms.

You may find the full text of the related Decree here.