Arbitration School: Judicial Expenses and Costs in Arbitration

Marmara University Faculty of Law, Department of Private International Law and Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) organized the last panel of “Arbitration School 2019-2020” on “Judicial Expenses and Costs in Arbitration”. The panel was held as livecast at Youtube Channel of Arbitration School on 24 June 2020.

Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Yasemin Aydoğmuş from Istanbul University Faculty of Law, and Melissa Balıkçı, Associate at Erdem & Erdem, participated as speakers to the panel where controversial issues in international commercial arbitration such as allocation of costs in arbitration, the decisions of the arbitrators regarding costs were discussed. The issue of the costs being reasonable and how these costs may be reduced were also discussed.

You may see the video of the livecast below.