COVID-19 Briefing on Force Majeure in Commercial Contracts

A livecast on Force Majeure in Commercial Contracts during COVID-19, organized by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), was held on Friday, 10 April 2020. In this free Livecast that thousands of people attended from all over the world, Prof. Dr. H. Ercüment Erdem, Founder & Senior Partner of Erdem & Erdem and Chair of the ICC Commercial Law & Practice Commission; Abhinav Bhushan, Director, South Asia, ICC Arbitration and ADR; and Angelika Zoder, Expert in International Contract Law, ICC Austria, discussed common features of force majeure clauses, as well as ICC’s revised Force Majeure Clauses for 2020.

During the livecast, the speakers focused on how force majeure clauses can be interpreted and implemented to reflect the current environment and they discussed whether COVID 19 will trigger force majeure, or not. Moreover they explained contentious situations regarding force majeure clauses in contracts, and what parties can do if there is no force majeure clause.

You may see the video of the livecast below.