Newsletter 2020 has been published

Despite all challenges and obstacles of the last year, we have adapted to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic and, we are honored and delighted to present to you our new book, ‘Newsletter 2020’ published by On İki Levha Yayincilik.

This year, our Newsletter book celebrates its 11th anniversary. At the end of each year, we compile articles that are posted monthly on our website into a book to allow our readers a collective outlook on the year’s key legal developments since 2010. Our Newsletter 2020 contains articles in which we discuss the effects of Covid-19 on the legal environment. We have examined Covid-19 in terms of corporate law, competition law, lease agreements, arbitration, labor law, sports law and tax law. Additionaly, we discussed current issues in the fields of commercial law, capital market law, civil procedure law, intellectual property law, information law and protection of personal data.

This book contains a total of 74 articles, and an extensive Legal Developments section prepared by our valuable legal experts who believe in the importance of scientific research and its supremacy.

You can find Newsletter 2020 book on this website.