Webinar: Tax Free Merger

The webinar titled "Tax Free Merger", in which one of our partners Tuna Çolgar and our Tax Consultant Canan Doksat conveyed their knowledge and experience to the participants, was held live on Zoom and Erdem & Erdem Youtube page on April 7, 2021.

The subject of the webinar, Tax Free Merger, was determined upon the increasing need to handle the current economic situation and the impact of the pandemic on the equity of companies, and the company financials in accordance with both trade and tax legislation. In this context, considering the capital loss and insolvency regulated in article 376 of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 together with its taxational effects; Improved and facilitated merger transactions are seen as an important restructuring alternative in terms of both tax and commercial legislation, especially for group companies, if they are made in accordance with their conditions.

The main headings of the webinar were as follows:

  • Why do companies need merger?
  • Current Amendments on the Communiqué Regarding the Application of Article 376 of the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC)
  • The need of the merger for technical insolvency situations
  • What is the Tax-Free Merger?
  • What are the legal pre-merger steps?
  • What are the types of simplified merger and what is the legal procedure envisaged for this type of merger?
  • What are the specific practical issues regarding simplified merger transactions?
  • What are the legal post-merger steps?

You can watch the event recording below (Turkish):