Erdem & Erdem is one of the most preeminent law firms in aviation law, excelling in client service and aviation industry knowledge, representing leading foreign and local airlines, aircraft and component manufacturers, aviation trade associations, aviation service providers, airport developers, aviation joint ventures, ground handling companies, regulatory bodies, foreign governments, investment and infrastructure firms, charter companies, private operators, aircraft leasing companies and other financial institutions.

We advise our valuable clients in legal and regulatory issues covering every segment of the aviation industry requirements and we combine our global expertise with broad local knowledge in many areas in the aviation business, including: joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing, selling, purchasing and (wet, dry, sale-leaseback) leasing aircraft and equipment, local and international regulatory regimes and treaties, insurance and risk management, antitrust, litigation and dispute resolution including arbitration on the claims of aviation companies, drafting and completing commercial and international contracts, intellectual property, distribution and sale of aviation fuel and jet fuel to clients and hedging agreements.

We, also assist our airline carrier clients to incorporate General Sales Agencies (GSAs) in their foreign investments, by providing documentation preparation and negotiation services, completing the requisite applications, approvals and filings before all relevant governmental bodies. The perceptions and understandings we derive from our diverse and broad experience enable us to achieve our clients' goals more efficiently and effectively.