Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Erdem & Erdem safeguards its clients’ interests when they are party to execution or bankruptcy proceedings as creditors or debtors. In this context, it initiates execution proceedings for collection of receivables of local and foreign clients, conducts attachment transactions over the assets of debtors, and sells the assets by auction in the event of non-payment of debts. Execution of court decisions upon conclusion of lawsuits, debt collections, based on any kind of bill of exchange, and cheque and encashment of any kind of security and mortgage, are amongst the services performed by Erdem & Erdem.

In the event of an execution proceeding initiated against our clients, all legal opportunities and rights granted under execution and bankruptcy laws are applied in favour of the clients. Within this scope, Erdem & Erdem files declaratory actions on behalf of clients, represents its clients in lawsuits for bankruptcy and postponement of bankruptcy, and in restructuring of debts of clients with creditors.