Personal Data Protection

Personal data protection is one of the trending topics lately, and is growing in importance every day. Developing technology, communication possibilities, and the use of countless sources of personal data in every aspect of daily life reveal the critical importance of personal data protection. Business models that are based on the use of personal data, particularly in the field of electronic commerce that is executed in online platforms, have gained great success in recent years.

Erdem & Erdem is specialized in solution possibilities suitable for technology requirements and needs within the scope of legislation concerning personal data protection. By closely following domestic and foreign developments in this field, Erdem & Erdem aims to be one step ahead to provide innovational legal solutions to its clients.

Erdem & Erdem implements the Erdem & Erdem Personal Data Protection Compliance Program which is specialized in accordance with the needs of its clients. With this Compliance Program, it is aimed to determine the intra-corporate risks with respect to the liability regime that is expected with the new law, and in order to take some precautionary measures against these risks, to provide a policy of personal data protection on a corporation basis, to train staff who are responsible for the processing of data, and to fulfill the inspection obligation that comes with the new law.

As well as its Compliance Program, Erdem & Erdem responds to all types of legal questions and issues for its clients regarding personal data protection. Erdem & Erdem is continuously updating by closely monitoring current developments regarding personal data protection, and academically contributes to the development of this field by publishing articles on this subject.