Sports Law

Apart from becoming comprised of activities that contribute to physical and social life, the arena of sports law exists as a new commercial field, which recently has been gaining more popularity, and is experiencing economic growth. The economic power and interaction that sports activities have reached, along with the sectors in which special and exceptional rules are included, and that are exclusive to sports, has created the necessity to create a separate discipline for sports-related law. The most significant characteristic of the rules and concepts that constitute sports law as an independent law discipline is that it is global.

In this regard, Erdem & Erdem offers services in dispute resolution and consultancy concerning sports law to its clients.

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers, who are experts in the sports law field, represent parties before national and international sporting judicial authorities for the resolution of all legal disputes, which are primarily comprised of financial and disciplinary disputes arising between athletes, coaches, agents, sports clubs, federations and federation unions.

As well, our dispute resolution attorney team represents clients in ordinary arbitration matters and appeal cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), which is located in Lausanne.


Erdem & Erdem provides consultancy services concerning processes related to the incorporation of sports clubs, those being pursuance of the necessary division, transfer and other legal transactions with respect to this process; preparation of contracts with respect to all types of broadcasting, sponsorship, advertising, ticketing, etc., arising from sporting activities; and the preparation of contracts, such as Player’s Contracts, Intermediary Agreements, and Transfer Agreements, signed between athletes, coaches, agents and sports clubs, in all branches of the sporting world. Erdem & Erdem provides legal consultancy to its clients on legislation and practices established by national and international sports federations and sports authorities.

Additionally, Erdem & Erdem provides consultancy services on issues related to the internal workings of sports clubs, preparation of board resolutions and general assemblies, writing and editing of contracts, and provides legal services on other subjects related to sports law, generally, including the protection of the rights of athletes and sports clubs within the scope of attacks on their rights that are produced in visual and printed media.