Alper Uzun
Alper Uzun

Alper Uzun joined Erdem&Erdem in 2009, and he is a Partner and Mediator in Dispute Resolution department. Uzun represents both domestic and foreign clients in their daily issues, litigations, and legal disputes. He gives consultancy services to his clients. He also gives mediation services, as an official Mediator registered before the Ministry of Justice of T.R..

Alper Uzun primarily focusses on consultancy of legal disputes and litigations, determination of risks, enforcing the process of pre-adjudication and after adjudication. Furthermore, Uzun practices on following the processes of bankruptcy and foreclosure, including suspending bankruptcy and also liquidation after bankruptcy, proceeding bankruptcy administrations, resolution of disputes within Taxation Law, evaluation of works and projects in term of taxation.

He also provides assistance on legal transactions and status evaluation with regard to Real Estate and Zoning Law, dispute resolution and process management arising from employment issues, conducting legal evaluation and reporting on privatization, purchase, mergers and acquisitions matters, determination of risks in relation to disputes, recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitration awards.

Alper Uzun graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law.  He completed his LLM degree on Financial Law in Istanbul University with his theses on Taxation of Joint Ventures under Turkish Law.

Illustrative Recent Representations

  • Conducting lawsuits of a sector leading holding in Turkey conducting activities on especially energy sector and in other various areas and its affiliates, arising from agreements, commercial disputes, corporate law, administrative law, labor law and miscellaneous matters,
  • Representation of a sector-leading glass producer company in Turkey in the disputes arising from labor law,
  • Representation and legal counselling to a Turkish sector leading food exportation company and to one of the biggest company of tourism sector, in lawsuits arising from corporate law, commercial disputes and labor,
  • Conduct various execution proceedings in relation to the secured and unsecured receivables of a one of the sector leading Turkish banks,
  • Conducting litigation and execution proceedings of a real estate and construction company established in Dubai, in relation to consumer law, labor law, agreements and commercial disputes, conducting dispute resolution proceedings of a French originated pharmaceutical company arising from labor law, conducting legal and enforcement proceedings arising from commercial disputes and labor law and additionally providing legal consulting service in relation to employer, employee relations, to a global investment company incorporated in Hong Kong,
  • Conducting lawsuits of a Romanian construction company in relation to the securitization law, lawsuits in Turkey regarding compensation and insurance rights of various clients of two sector leading law firm in England, lawsuits arising from corporate law, real estate law and commercial disputes in relation to a customs brokerage firm incorporated in Ankara, lawsuit between a Turkish marine company and German bank regarding commercial receivables, lawsuits arising from arbitration and commercial disputes of a Turkish sector leading company conducting aeronautic and service activities, lawsuit arising from agreements and commercial receivables of a French machine manufacturer from a Turkish firm, administrative lawsuits of a Turkish sector leading exportation cooperation,
  • Conducting and proceeding litigation of high amount of account receivable from a sector leading Turkish construction company, American industrial firm ,and Turkish firms that operate internationally to a sector leading Turkish company that manufactures durable consumer materials, Italian machine manufacturer firm, Russian construction firm, German commerce firm, Italian fabric agents,
  • Representation of clients, administrators prosecuted for personal bankruptcy lawsuits about assigned banks,
  • Representation of Turkish Super League Team for an arbitration proceeding with its technical director before Court of Arbitration for Sport,
  • Conducting the process of recognition of foreign court decisions and arbitration awards , process of enforcement for legal disputes between a Turkish construction company, an English investment firm, an International French commerce firm, an International Hong Kong based commerce firm, and an Australian international investment firm,
  • Conducting lawsuits regarding disputes between a prime Turkish estate firm and contractors in relation to the agreements, conducting the lawsuit of an association on education sector arising from real estate law,
  • Due Diligence for taking over shares of Turkish and foreign port companies to a foreign commerce company
  • Conducting due diligence for a sector leader Turkish holding in relation to the privatization of prime Turkish port and “Istanbul Deniz Otobüsleri A.Ş. (IDO)”, for a the firm to participate the tender,
  • Reporting a legal report for public offering of a sector leading port company,
  • Conducting vendor due diligence for share transfers to be realized on companies of a sector leading Turkish holding,
  • Conducting due diligence in relation to the real estates for a Azerbaijani petroleum company planning to invest in Turkey,
  • Conducting liquidation process of business company, establishment of foundation process.


  • Istanbul University Financial Law Department, LLM
  • Istanbul University Faculty of Law
  • FMV Işık High School

Languages: Turkish, English, German


  • İstanbul Bar Association
  • Feyziyeliler Işıklılar Association
  • Beyoğlu Classical Turkish Music Association