The Periods of Termination Prohibition, the Unpaid Leave and Short-Term Working Allowance Ended

The periods of the unilateral unpaid leave practice (wage support) and the termination prohibition of all kinds of employment agreements, -except for termination due to the reasons contrary to ethics and good faith regulated under Article 25/1(II) and the reasons specified in the article, termination of the term of the fixed-term employment contract, closure of the workplace for any reason and termination of the activity, termination of all kinds of service procurement and construction works- within the scope of Provisional Article 10 of Labor Law No. 4857 has ended as of the date of 01.07.2021.

Likewise, the period to benefit from the short-term working allowance has ended for the workplaces that applied for the allowance as of 01.07.2021 since no decision published regarding the extension.