IDI Conference 2018

International Distribution Institute’s Annual Conference was held in Florence on 8 - 9 June 2018. The purpose of the conference, attended by lawyers from all around the world, was to analyze the strategic choices to be made when moving towards to a control of retail distribution together with a number of topical issues regarding distribution at the retail level (franchising, selective distribution and other forms of agreements with retailers). 

Erdem & Erdem’s founder and senior partner Prof. Dr. H. Ercument Erdem, and founder and managing partner Piraye Erdem attended the conference. Prof. Erdem who is also Turkey Expert of IDI delivered a presentation on “Establishing Specific Conditions of Guarantee in General Conditions of Sale” within the scope of the workshop session on managing non-conformity and other products’ claims, in coordination with the sale’s network.

In his presentation, Prof. Erdem handled the scope of contractual guarantees, the limitations of liability contained in the general conditions and their effectiveness under the applicable domestic laws.