Newsletter 2014

We are very pleased to realize and present this published Newsletter 2014 book. As was the case in previous years, this Newsletter 2014, in book form, is the result of our systematic gathering of articles, published monthly on our firm’s website. Since 2010, the considerable attention these publications have attracted from our business partners, clients, and other legal practitioners, have provided the impetus to pursue our efforts to further develop and expand our work.

We have not amended our systematic approach as adopted from our previous years in this Newsletter 2014 book. The enactment of secondary legislation under statute laws as amended since 2012 continued in 2014. Therefore, articles based on the relevant secondary legislation are preponderant in this Newsletter publication. In addition to company Law, Competition Law, Energy Law and Arbitration Law feature prominently in this publication. The legal developments section provides global insight into material developments in international agreements, laws, regulations, communiqués, decisions of the Competition Board and the Privatization Board, and energy laws that were passed in 2014, as well as material jurisprudence. We believe that this section provides a broad overview of the year.