Amendments Regarding the Execution of Sentences and Security Measures

Important amendments are made in the criminal execution law through the Law No. 7242 Amending the Law on Execution of Sentences and Security Measures and Certain Codes (“Law”) which is published in the Official Gazette dated 15 April 2020. The principal issues regarding the amendments are summarized below.

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With the Law, times to be spent in the execution facilities with regard to the release on prohibition are regulated. Accordingly, regarding the offences committed before 30.03.2020, the ratio of time to be spent in execution facility for release on prohibition is decreased from two thirds to half of the total sentence, with the exception of listed offences.

Also the probation period is amended. Pursuant to Provisional Article 6(1) of the Law No. 5275 on Execution of Sentences and Security Measures, the probation period is extended to three years for the offences committed before 30.03.2020. However, probation period of one year is maintained for the offences to be committed after the Law enters into force.

Another important amendment concerns the scope of special execution regimes. For the prisoners that are older than 65 years old and for the children, the provisions regarding special execution regimes are re-regulated. Lastly, it is aimed for the amendment to better the execution services. In this regard, provisions regarding the compassionate leave are amended.

You may access the Turkish version of the Law here.

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