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We are here
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by virtue of our academic and creative approach

Erdem & Erdem provides the most up-to-date legal and commercial solutions to its clients with methods based on solid reason and knowledge in many areas of law, especially international trade, dispute resolution and competition.

An alternative to courts is an arbitrator-led method of dispute resolution.
Banking and Finance Law
Banking and Finance Law
A wide field of law that deals with loans, bonds, money and collaterals.
Capital Markets
Capital Markets
Transactions between fund owners and fund seekers with various investment instruments.
Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
It covers all stages of a company's life cycle, from incorporation to liquidation.
Success in dispute resolution depends on a vast multidisciplinary expertise.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions
The merger of two or more companies and the acquisition of one company by another.
Project Finance
Project Finance
A special type of financing that focuses on the potential cash flow of the project.
Field of law that deals with the tax relations between the public and institutions and individuals.
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We offer efficient

legal solutions with

our industry specific expertise

Erdem & Erdem, with its wide-ranging expertise in industry specific regulations, provides support to companies operating in a wide range of sectors such as real estate, construction and infrastructure, port management, energy, mining, heavy industry, and retail and automotive in all of their legal transactions.

The Secret of Our Success

A team collaboration

that explores every possibility,

asks all the questions,

and seeks the best results

At Erdem & Erdem, all team members research, learn, discuss and share their knowledge with one another on the basis of openness, tolerance, honesty and trust. Meet with our team that listens to you, understands you, analyzes every option, and produces solutions that will lead you to results in every field of national and international law.

Our Team

We think for you

and provide in-depth knowledge

The Erdem & Erdem team follows current legal developments, keeps you informed of amendments, writes articles, publishes books and organizes conferences and seminars in many fields of law.

Legal Developments
Legal Developments
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