Amendments were made in the Law on Regulation of Retail Trade numbered 6585 through the Law numbered 7244

Important amendments are made in the Law on Regulation of Retail Trade numbered 6585 (“Law No. 6585”) through the Law No. 7244 Amending the Certain Laws to Minimize the Economic and Social Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic (“Law”) which is published in the Official Gazette dated 17 April 2020 and numbered 31102. The principal issues regarding the amendments are summarized below.

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Additional Article 1 titled “Excessive Price Increase, Stocking and Unfair Price Evaluation Board” was added to the Law No. 6585 with the Article 14 of the Law.

Within the scope of Additional Article 1, the following has been set forth:

  • Manufacturers, suppliers and retail businesses shall not issue excessive increase in the sales price of goods or services.
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and retail businesses shall not conduct activities that result tightness in the market or disruption of the market balance and free competition and prevent the consumer from reaching the goods.

According to Additional Article 1, it was decided to establish an Unfair Price Evaluation Board in order to make regulations for excessive price increases and stockpiling practices of manufacturers, suppliers and retail businesses, to impose administrative fines by making inspections and examinations when necessary, and to take all kinds of measures.

With Article 13 of the Law, Clause (ı) was added to Article 18 Law No. 6585 and the administrative penalties to be imposed in case of violation of the Additional Article 1 was determined. It was regulated that Unfair Price Evaluation Board will be the authority to impose the administrative penalties.

Article 13 and 14 of the Law was entered into force on 17 April 2020.

You may access the full text of the Law’s Turkish version here.

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Other Contents

Covid-19 Contents
The Economic Stability Shield Package Prepared to Reduce the Effects of the Covid-19 Epidemic is Announced

'Economic Stability Shield' package aiming to take control of Covid-19 Epidemic’s impact on the Turkish economy is announced during the meeting held on 18th March 2020.

Commercial Law 19.03.2020
Covid-19 Contents
Statement Regarding the General Assembly Meetings of Companies by the Ministry of Trade

Through the Statement Regarding the General Assembly Meetings of Companies dated 20.03.2020 (“Statement”), the measures taken regarding the company meetings in order to prevent spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak were declared via website of the Ministry of Trade of Republic of Turkey.

Commercial Law 21.03.2020
Covid-19 Contents
ICC published Force Majeure and Hardship Clauses 2020

On March 25, 2020, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) published the new force majeure and hardship clauses (ICC Force Majeure and Hardship Clauses 2020). 

Commercial Law 27.03.2020
Covid-19 Contents
Announcement from the Ministry of Trade Regarding Dividend Distribution

Pursuant to letter dated 31 March 2020 sent by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade (“Ministry”) to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, numerous chambers of commerce throughout Turkey published an announcement regarding dividend distributions on their websites starting from 2 April 2020 (“Announcement”).

Commercial Law 03.04.2020
Covid-19 Contents
Presidential Circular on the Effect of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Public Procurement Contracts

The Presidential Circular on the “Effect of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Public Procurement Contracts” dated 01.04.2020 and numbered 2020/5 (“Circular”) was published in the Official Gazette dated 02.04.2020 and numbered 31087.

Commercial Law 04.04.2020
Covid-19 Contents
COVID-19 Briefing on Force Majeure in Commercial Contracts

A livecast on Force Majeure in Commercial Contracts during COVID-19, organized by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), was held on Friday, 10 April 2020.

Commercial Law 14.04.2020
Covid-19 Contents
Communiqué on Distribution of Dividend Pertaining to 2019 has entered into force

The Communiqué (“Communiqué”) on Procedures and Principles of Implications of Provisional Article 13 of Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 entered into force through publication in the Official Gazette dated 17.05.2020 and numbered 31130.

Commercial Law 18.05.2020
Covid-19 Contents
Amendments to the Communiqué on Mergers and Spin-offs

The Communiqué (II-23.2.b) (“Communiqué”) on the Amendment to the Communiqué on the Mergers and Spin-offs (II-23.2) entered into force through publication in the Official Gazette dated 30.05.2020 and numbered 31140.

Commercial Law 02.06.2020
Covid-19 Contents
Lease Agreement Provisions which will take effect as of 01.07.2020

In workplace rents, where the lessee is a person deemed as merchant under the Turkish Commercial Code or a private or public legal entity, pursuant to Provisional Article 2 of the Law No. 6217 on the Amendment of Certain Laws for the Acceleration of Judicial Services dated 31.03.2011 (“Law”), it was regulated that certain provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098 (“TCO”) regarding lease agreements shall not apply for a period of 8 years starting from 01.07.2012, the date when the TCO came into force. With the expiry of the period specified under the article, such provisions will come into force as of 01.07.2020.

Commercial Law 09.06.2020
Covid-19 Contents
The Period of Restrictions on Distribution of Net Profit Pertaining to Year 2019 has been extended

With the Presidential Decree dated 17.09.2020 and numbered 2948 (“Presidential Decree”) published in the Official Gazette dated 18.09.2020 and numbered 31248, it has been resolved to extend the period specified in the first paragraph of the Provisional Article 13 of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 (“TCC”) for three months.

Commercial Law 18.09.2020

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