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Erdem & Erdem provides legal advice and representation services in accordance with professional norms, with a team of appropriate seniority and experience. Our attorneys, who never compromise on quality, devise effective solutions in all of your legal disputes.

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Uğur Buzol Uğur Buzol Head of Finance
Arzu Tağhan Arzu Tağhan Head of Corporate Communications
Güzin Taşkın Karaman Güzin Taşkın Karaman Head of Human Resources
Ferhat Ülker Ferhat Ülker Administrative Affairs Responsible
Gülsüm Düztepe Gülsüm Düztepe Finance Specialist
Tahir Mersin Tahir Mersin Corporate Communications Specialist
Nilüfer Şen Nilüfer Şen Editor
Derya Akyüz Derya Akyüz Executive Assistant
Eylül Bozdoğan Eylül Bozdoğan Legal Assistant
Miray Ögel Miray Ögel Legal Assistant
Nilda Aykoler Nilda Aykoler Administrative Assistant
Ayşegül Arıtan Ayşegül Arıtan Night Assistant

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