Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

Erdem & Erdem advises local and international clients operating in a wide range of industries on all aspects of company law. These processes comprise all stages of the company's life cycle, from preparation and establishment of the articles of association through dissolution and liquidation. Within this context, significant structural changes such as capital increases, share transfers within the company, mergers and acquisitions, conversion of type, public offerings, and re-structuring are carried out. We also follow up on the requisite day-to-day practices of companies, such as convening general assemblies and the preparation of board of directors’ resolutions.

Our team provides consulting services on a variety of issues, including convening general meetings that companies are required to hold, preparing board resolutions, representation duties and responsibilities of board members and managers, board structures, and management and equity shareholder rights and obligations. Erdem & Erdem also offers services for capital firms, local and foreign consortia, and joint ventures.

Our team advises our clients on all types of legal difficulties that arise in their everyday activities, taking into account the nature of the business as well as the commercial and legal risks. The services provided range from evaluating conventional contract samples to developing and negotiating sophisticated business agreements such as product development, manufacturing, marketing contracts, licensing contracts, service contracts, outsourcing contracts, and non-compete agreements. In addition, our team drafts employment and consultancy contracts and advises clients on business and employment-related claims and disputes.

Erdem & Erdem's corporate advising services include delivering legal counsel to organizations, boards, committees, and individual board members, trustees, and chief executives on a wide range of corporate governance and strategic challenges. It also provides regular support to the board and managers during management audits or internal investigations, which are often conducted in response to problems identified by third parties or the state.


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