Tax Law plays a key role for companies aiming to invest in a cost-efficient manner, and in compliance with fiscal legislation. With this understanding, and also taking into account the fact that every commercial transaction comes with tax implications, Erdem & Erdem provides its clients tax advisory and tax litigation services.

Erdem & Erdem has been included in the 2024 edition of the ITR World Tax Firm Directory, a list of the world's leading tax and transfer pricing firms and leaders, determined by reviewing entries from more than 140 different jurisdictions and gathering client feedback. Accordingly, Erdem & Erdem’s tax team has been ranked in the Tax and Tax Controversy areas. Additionally, Erdem & Erdem has been shortlisted for Turkey Tax Firm of the Year Category at ITR EMEA Tax Awards 2023.

Tax Advisory Services

By combining its tax law expertise with its extensive knowledge in mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, capital markets, real estate and construction, company law and general corporate advisory, as well as international business transactions. Erdem & Erdem advises its clients on the tax risks that may be associated with commercial transactions within the scope of its tax advisory services.

Erdem & Erdem provides tax and legal advisory services in relation to company restructuring projects by considering the tax law aspects of transactions, such as mergers, spin-offs, company-type amendments, capital in kind contributions, and asset deals. The scope of the services includes determination of the most efficient restructuring alternative by taking into account the legal and financial status of the companies, as well as the implementation stage of the relevant transaction.

To advise taxpayers about potential tax controversy issues; to pursue current fiscal developments; and to evaluate tax risks that may be associated with commercial transactions are also within the scope of the tax advisory services. Additionally, Erdem & Erdem provides tax and legal advisory services during the determination of technical insolvency/bankruptcy situations through the analysis of the companies’ balance sheets as per the provisions of Turkish Commercial Code number 6102, and the determination of legal alternatives to be implemented for the elimination of the referred financial situations, by taking into account the tax implications of the relevant alternatives.

Tax and Customs Litigation Services

Erdem & Erdem’s tax team consisting of tax lawyers has comprehensive tax litigation experience.

Erdem & Erdem provides legal services to its clients during tax litigation procedure (from the beginning of the tax inspection until the end of the tax litigation). The scope of these services includes the evaluation of the tax inspection procedure and the tax inspection report, application to the Report Evaluation Committee, management of the pre-assessment and post-assessment reconciliation procedures, initiation of the tax litigation process and the individual application procedure before the Constitutional Court.

Moreover, management of the objection procedure against the customs duties and fines before the relevant customs authorities, preparation of the petitions of objection and pursuit of the entire customs litigation process are also within the scope of Erdem & Erdem’s services.


Canan Doksat Canan Doksat Partner and Tax Leader

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