With the diversification of economic activities and globalization, companies are compelled to comply with local anti-corruption legislation in multiple countries, and to establish internal ethical rules on a global basis.

Anti-corruption constitutes a branch of law that must be taken into consideration by Turkish companies, particularly due to effective regulations on anti-corruption adopted by the United States of America and European Union members, which are Turkey’s most important economic and political partners.

Recently, sanctions regimes have become the last link in the fight against corruption. Some of these sanctions’ regimes carry the risk that real persons and legal entities may face various sanctions, including even prison sentences.

We have designed the Erdem & Erdem Anti-Corruption Compliance Program to clarify the risks in this field. Due to the broad and international scope of anti-corruption measures, the Compliance Program is based on the necessity of evaluating each case on its own merits, and is aimed at eliminating significant uncertainties and risks for companies arising from the current lack of case law in this area.

In this context, risks related to anti-corruption are specifically identified for each related company. The Compliance Program, prepared with the awareness that companies have many employees and business partners, includes determining the risks within the company and taking precautions against them, establishing an anti-corruption policy on a company wide basis, and training company employees within the scope of anti-corruption law. In this framework, each module in the Compliance Program aims to increase the awareness, participation and contribution of company employees in anti-corruption, and aims to embrace an anti-corruption orientation as company policy.


Mert Karamustafaoğlu Mert Karamustafaoğlu Partner, Competition and Compliance Leader
İbrahim Onur Baysal İbrahim Onur Baysal Partner and Capital Markets Leader
Merve Bakırcı Merve Bakırcı Senior Associate

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