Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Erdem & Erdem regularly represents clients in trials and appeals of admiralty and maritime matters. Our team handles and provides efficient resolution to maritime insurance and liability claims and other transportation matters in international or coastal trade. Erdem & Erdem has been involved in both prosecuting and defending transportation claims involving marine carriers.

Our team advises a diverse client portfolio on port privatizations and port management concessions. While assisting its clients with all types of legal difficulties and processes that arise during their marine activities, our team also develops risk management actions and lowers potential obligations owing to its wide knowledge and years of experience in this field.


Süleyman Sevinç Süleyman Sevinç Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution
Alper Uzun Alper Uzun Partner and Mediator
Duygu Öner Ayçiçek Duygu Öner Ayçiçek Senior Associate
Tolga Sevinir Tolga Sevinir Associate

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