Labor Law

Labor Law

The employee is the locomotive of the workplace, whereas the locomotive's engineer is the employer. The train will operate smoothly and arrive at its destination without delay if the engineer and the locomotive work together. Labor regulations help to maintain this balance in the field of business. Labor law disagreements are a stumbling block for businesses. As a result, maintaining peace in the workplace, avoiding labor law issues, and resolving any disagreements as quickly as possible are all vital.

Our team provides consultancy services to clients regarding relations between employees and employers, protecting the rights of both parties, drafting employment agreements and collective labor agreements, termination of employment relations, issues relating to employees and workplace security, and other issues as they relate to labor law. Furthermore, we represent our clients against receivable claims of employees, and re-employment lawsuits. We also offer labor law mediation services; our mediator lawyers are registered with the Registry of Mediators and have extensive experience with the process and practices. They also represent our clients in mediation meetings by proxy.

Meanwhile, our labor law specialists develop labor law compliance programs and educate their clients on trainings and current legal laws in this sector, ensuring that businesses' human resource activities are in line with labor law legislation.


Piraye Erdem Piraye Erdem Founder and Managing Partner
Süleyman Sevinç Süleyman Sevinç Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution
Alper Uzun Alper Uzun Partner and Mediator
Sevgi Ünsal Özden Sevgi Ünsal Özden Managing Associate and Mediator
Hazel Coşkun Baylan Hazel Coşkun Baylan Senior Associate
Duygu Öner Ayçiçek Duygu Öner Ayçiçek Senior Associate
Ece Özsü Ece Özsü Associate
Ceren Eke Ceren Eke Associate

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